Billie Eilish - GOLDWING (Official Lyric Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing GOLDWING (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Sam Universe

      Welcome to Heaven👉👈

    2. putri 13cm


    3. putri 13cm


    4. Porch Pone

      Porch Pone

    5. Ame8er moswy

      Ameer moswy

    6. Uncool Potatoes

      i would sell my soul to hear this song for the first time again omg

    7. Angel Fernández

      This hits different when your name is Angel.

    8. Maria Eduarda

      Como pessoas não gostaram desta obra de arte? Realmente, a humanidade está sem salvação

    9. Gaurav Sharma


    10. matt

      the beginning feels like you’re entering into heaven and it goes into a beat i like this

    11. DOM YCARRO

      Brasil love music girl

    12. Bia fernandes


    13. ella bisdee

      imagine this shhh LIVE omg the harmonies in the crowd would be INSANE

    14. Emma Love

      Billie Eilish always puts out awesome songs

    15. Liwia F

      Her voice at the beginning of the song sounds like some angel's voice! Wow, it's amazing how Billie can charm with her voice😍!

    16. Carlotta Dotto

      Listening to this song I imagine a young nun starting dancing on the altar

    17. A Lo

      The best song on her album❤️✨

    18. Lilian Elizabeth Leon

      This and "Billie bosa nova" and " overheated" and " I didn't change my number" THESE SONGS ARE FIRE BRO 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    19. Yua

      IT'S A JOJO RÉFÉRENCE ?!?!?!?!

    20. Ari La


    21. Osagie E. Guobadia

      That kind of beat that Billie Performed makes me wanna to dance. 😀

    22. Alejx Corne

      Love this song 💚

    23. Maria Velasquez 2C


    24. Maria Velasquez 2C


    25. Maria Velasquez 2C


    26. Maria Velasquez 2C


    27. Maria Velasquez 2C


    28. Maria Velasquez 2C


    29. Maria Velasquez 2C


    30. Amee Torbett

      Only two million view bro this is sooo good :))

    31. Sire Class

      Let's be honest, if Billie had an umbrella, it would be red.

    32. Larissa Rios

      THIS IS ART 🛐🙌

    33. KEIRA

      this song will make anyone feel like a bad bitch

    34. grey house

      This album is something....

    35. David Jonathan

      Every song of her is a surprise.

    36. Chrissy Meri


    37. boubou haha

      I love songs with two part 💕

    38. F o.o d?

      Replace “gold-winged” with “gold-haired” and it’s like she wrote this about herself

    39. Lealdo Costa

      Because the same Lord will come down from heaven with a fuss, and with the voice of an archangel, and with God's trumpet; and those who died in Christ will rise first. Later U.S, those who stay alive will be raptured together with them in the clouds, the meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4: 16,17. Have you heard the return of Jesus Christ, and you too are prepared for this event that will mark the final moment of the story? All the prophecies described by Jesus in his ministry are being fulfilled as great signs in the heavens, famines, wars, pests and earthquakes everywhere, which indicates that his coming is near. The Rapture of Church of Jesus (every saved person, be a Jew or Gentile, will be removed from the land) will cause a sudden, dramatic and unimaginable blow to the history of humanity that will be left behind. This revolutionary event will trigger a series of subsequent events. Like the appearance of Antichrist and the 7 years of great tribulation on earth. And, even if we do not reach the day of his return, we must be prepared to die if we are sure to be resurrected on that day. To do so, we have to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and One and Sufficient Savior of our lives, and thus have an encounter with him and obtain the salvation of our soul. So make your choice, accept Jesus at this point, ask forgiveness for your sins and be sure of eternal life. The heavens and the earth I take today as witnesses against you, who have proposed life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life so that you and your descendants may live. Deuteronomy 30:19 R.M WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCEPT JESUS ​​CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR?

    40. Wasan S

      قاعده احول استوعب إن هاذ صوت بيلي امبيه ممررررررررررررر حلو

    41. Mr Heru

      Hmm something so angelic at first and the darker lyric during second part, this is good....

    42. Ravish Ranjan



      that da-down part is like - it hit me so hard i was like😲

    44. 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘳𝘺

      1:51 i'm in love with this part

    45. Alejandro Morales

      Arte pura✨

    46. Freedom Matters

      But im a mouthy intollerable bitch and ill never EVER keep my head down lol

    47. Freedom Matters

      There's many things I would like to say but I am writing a book. And in the book will be the answers to many questions about why i did what i did. and that my message is in face a message of eternal love and is NOT a chain but a wings to eternal freedom. coming out in 2022.

    48. Freedom Matters

      This is really about me. And its okay. No-one has to agree. But you misunderstand me. Im not watching you I do not desire you in a weird way or even at all but to love only. And not to abuse or control. The god they talk about is the devil but the female god you hate on is the liberator of the creation and all beings. when she comes back you will see and finally understand what freedom is. And you were right here about them wanting me like a trophy. But im not weak like you think. I have a dark side. I can make storms and terrible things you can't imagine and I can't even admit to myself. I do not think I have a name. Sure you see little bits of me in stories. But none of them are accurate. Because I just move through dimensions and Ive been in so many worlds. you can't imagine it. You don't need to love me. or hate me. its okay just take care of yourself because men in this world try to be the gods of women and the earth and its the worst punishement it keeps you from the stars and the ulimate freedom of a human birth. in truth there is no god. no male god at all. it doesnt exist. never has. never will. there is only the goddess. and its not gay like i cant explain but im sure everyone has their own path :) but in any case every single scizophrenic ideal of a male god is a lie. adonis is adam and was the only perfect male creature ever made. there are no others. some say he is the king of eternity . he is actually very shy. its not something to mock. he is pure like a little child. just let him be.

      1. Freedom Matters

        he will never again come in a male body. due to many variables. this we cannot ask of him.

    49. Siti SUNNY

      This in concert🏃‍♀️



    51. sah♡

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    52. sah♡

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    53. H E L S I N K I

      Anyone else hear the similarity to Kendrick Lamar's "Sign About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst"?

      1. Umer The first


    54. Rylie Villarreal

      This song is so good, for what

    55. Tevel TheBestPersonInTheWorld

      I love the down down down dow dow dow dow dow bit

    56. Thelittleghost


    57. Manuel Salas

      Me encanta

    58. K I A R A ʟ ᴇ ᴇ

      Billie is a genius Finneas is a Ginneas

    59. K I A R A ʟ ᴇ ᴇ

      if this doesn't play at my funeral and make people dance then i don't want it

    60. Cameron Lemmer

      Love the use of the choir I just wish it was longer with a huge orchestral beautiful section at the end!

    61. Mailen Alvarez

      el inicio parece el coro de la iglesia jajaja

    62. prince elio

      The album masterpiece with happier than ever

    63. qlamouroki

      this sounds like it would be played at a church

    64. Darkclaw175

      The production on this is celestial

    65. India 113

      I am in love with the “head down-down da-da-da-down” part

    66. VESSLEY

      idk why but i'm truly obsessed with this song gee

    67. noemi Reines

      This is amazing! Im late to the party but I'm glad bc she's now 18& before I would of been like omgodesses!! but wow now I can appreciate it . I pray for Billie & hope she& other huge artists can make the music industry safer for women. Be the golden wing for girls who come before you. As they say with great power comes great... Fill it in 💜💯🥰💫🩰💜💜💜💜❤️ love u girl stay genuine ❤️

    68. Sargam Vashisht

      1:39 I have a really strong feeling that this is gonna be used by tiktok

    69. Silly Eilish

      0:40 I have a very strong feeling that this is gonna be used on tiktok

    70. Tia

      Hoping that those who disliked will change their minds

    71. 21:21


    72. Milagros Celina Ruiz Diaz

      me dolió pobrecita

    73. Jennifer M

      Ran to this song after watching Billie Eilish’s love letter to Los Angeles on Disney Plus 😍

      1. Cam Farr

        Same here!! That was a killer version with the choir!! And the beginning is a real hymn.

    74. Billie Eilish - Access

      Goldwinge'd messenger

    75. idk rachel

      my first thought when hearing 1:59 is that that beat reminds me of genie in a bottle

    76. Elfxsie

      At first i didn’t like it but now I’m obsessed just like happier than ever love y billie ❤️

    77. Alanai

      so beautiful, billie has such an amazing voice, i could listen to this for hours

    78. billix


    79. swizx billie


    80. appleheadslatte

      It would go well with "Heathens" and Sabrina Carpenter's song "Paris".

    81. Deniz Kaptan

      as not a former billie listener, i can confidently say this one has pulled me in. it is classic, yet modern, yet alternative, with a dash of melo-techno almost. this is a masterpiece, and timeless! incredible production too

    82. ShuckleDoesGaming

      Genuinely terrible.

      1. Umer The first

        @hi i have an existance periodt

      2. hi i have an existance

        Sorry you have bad taste, must be so hard for you 😔

    83. Kris Koppy

      Mumbling mess

      1. just Alexandra

        Clean your ear out - Nicki Minaj

      2. Izzy Be3

        Bro what is it with u people. It’s always “all she’s doing is whispering” or “she’s so quiet” like bro if u think she’s mumbling then u need to get your ears checked.

    84. Wassskoo Aa

      Can't wait for the music videos OMG

    85. Angel Rivera


    86. Aarav Mehta

      so gentle . it gives us peace.

    87. Lovely Mae Cilot

      this sounds like a church song or a christmas song ❤️❤️

    88. 𝙞𝙩'𝙨 𝙢𝙚 ♀

      اغانيها تفيدني بضبط الانقليزي عِنـ.̷̷̸̷̐ـديّ 😭💞

    89. JIX XiJ


    90. JIX XiJ


    91. L. Titus

      Now I just want her to sing it in Sanskrit…

    92. Khushee Bhatnagar


    93. Khushee Bhatnagar

      This song has NO right to be this perfect ahhhhhhhh

    94. Alice Heartfillia

      The beggening of this song is so relaxing

    95. Mimi Lilly

      The harmonies are just 😩 I’m TRYING to recreate them on GarageBand but I just can’t, I’m trying to make musiccccc

      1. Piero Schlochauer

        If you can read sheet music, the intro is from Holst at 7:40

    96. Jorge Hernández

      Ocupo el mv de este vídeo ❤️

    97. denmarrx

      the part where the bear changes i though it was just random noises & i would sing “hoyy hoyy hoyy” but i never realised it actually said “gold wing” 😭

    98. Riley Hall

      it is beautiful but it swears in the spirit soundtrack



    100. Akuseru

      who's my favorite they/them? 😍